Our culture and values can be summed up in the spirit that defines the qualities we expect all our employees to embrace:

  • Performance with integrity
  • Focus on innovation
  • A proactive urgency
  • A passion for achievement

Career Development and Growth

We lay emphasis on growing our own resources, and most of the opportunities are first offered to internal candidates identified as key talents. We provide a range of resources to help our people determine and meet their development needs such as workshops, on-job training, induction, skills training, and specific product training. Other training programs focus on personal, leadership and skills development suited to an individual candidate. We not only emphasize on achieving organizational goals but also on providing opportunities for growth and learning.

Performance and Development Planning

Performance and development planning is a powerful tool for matching an employee’s personal success to the success of the business. The employees and their reporting bosses work together on this process to set challenging objectives for themselves and identify their development needs through it.


We are an equal opportunity employer employing people from diverse backgrounds while providing everyone with equal opportunities to grow and develop within the organization.


We are committed to doing business by maintaining high ethical standards in all aspects of our work, and readily accept the challenges that we encounter.

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