CEO Message

CEO Message

I am a young entrepreneur with an old soul. That’s because I dreamt of my own company since I was a kid. A dream I cherished and worked for every day since then. I have been working in the IT industry for the past 8 years and my experience can be summed up in three e’s: exciting, exhausting, yet exhilarating.

My passion for IT and the fact that IT is booming made it a smart and workable choice. It is the only way forward. I asked myself then about how could I help the industry and make a way for myself too. The answer was simple and enlightening.
Help yourself by helping others.

This is when the whole idea of developing a platform for helping new and established businesses with their IT needs arose. We integrate ourselves into the client’s business and take their successes very personally, because we treat all clients as family.

INCI Tech’ people, the company culture, the values, and the approach are our unique assets. It is a constant effort to make INCI Tech a place where talent, expertise, and success are recognized to foster a culture of engagement and accountability based on respect and collaboration. We have modeled our system to operate at the intersection of technology and innovation. For us, the success of our company is proportional to the numbers of client we made happy and successful in a year, which also translates into our healthy financial performance.

Our people are knowledgeable, skilled, young, experienced, innovative, dynamic, and very enthusiastic. Their work is their passion. For INCI Tech to function as a comprehensive solution provider, it was important to build a very robust and sustainable business model, which was also dependent on our stable and committed employee base. We made talent and global thinking work together on a common multinational platform.
I believe that a business should be sustainable, responsible, as well as profitable. That’s why our commitment to develop a socially responsible and sustainable business that will bring long-term rewards to all clients has helped us earn our position as the leading company in the ITES services segment in India.

Innovation is our driving force.And so is the way we respond to our customers.
Anticipating their needs of tomorrow, improving user experience, providing leading-edge technological solutions are activities that drive our commitment to innovation, allowing us to achieve an outstandingly competitive position in the industry.

My vision for the company is to be able to make a real difference and drive social changes in the society through the means of futuristic technology. I want to see happier, healthier, and socially connected people in a system that allows each person to fully exploit his or her potential toward contributing to the world’s wellness bank.
So, follow your dreams and explore your potentials. We need to put those assets to work as global citizen toward a better tomorrow.