Copy Editing

Jane finds solace in cooking, her family, and her dog.

Robert ate with her sister at dinner.

Copy Editing

Often, what you best intended as a harmless little sentence turns out to be a major crisis if you get it even slightly wrong, language-wise. The examples above are hilarious, but damaging to one’s serious reputation. Seeking professional help in such a scenario not just averts a major crisis but also serves as a brilliant stepping stone to success. Prevent going wrong and save your hard work.

What do we do?

We edit your manuscript to make it consistent, accurate and apt for the target audience. We ensure that your document is grammatically correct and conceivable. With a critical eye for detail, we review all manuscripts before it reaches the publication table using an all-inclusive checklist. Our confidence arises out of the cumulative expertise of our team from diverse field across several subject areas.

With immense respect for the non-natives, we have learned to interpret naïve expressions and the authors’ voice to retain their perspective. We apply our understanding of linguistics and focus on the fine points to get your manuscript error-free and publication ready. We check for overall presentation, content organization, coherence, conciseness, correctness, syntax, and accuracy.

Need content re-writing?

Don’t fret. For Words are like sunbeams. More the condensed, deeper they burn.

Gross misunderstanding due to ambiguous sentences, factual inaccuracy due to an overlook or ignorance, incomprehensible correlation of context, etc. are the recipes of disastrous manuscript. After you have penned your thoughts, it’s time to ensure that the thoughts are comprehensible for the readers. We know how a manuscript can create a long-lasting impression in this world of information. We refine to recreate.

We focus on making your manuscript impeccable and error-free for publication online or offline. We make your content stand out by improving the English, revising improper language and rephrasing awkward sentences. Our editorial team uses its subject expertise and extensive training to catch language errors in your document along with vague or confusing context so that the end-product looks and feels professional.

Need your scientific paper edited?

If you want it, we would make sure you get it! Earn your reputation as a major scientist with us.
Have you done remarkable research works, yet have no publications? We help you get published so that you can contribute to the accumulated evidences in science and share the results of your hard work with your peer from around the world. Publishing your papers would earn you great credentials, both academically and professionally, help establish vague studies and escalate your career growth.

The major reasons for manuscript rejection are blotchy overall presentation and inappropriate interpretation of data. Our language experts hold strong academic background in diverse subject areas, ensuring optimal attention to language and to subtle nuances in the context. We understand the difficulties authors (especially ESL authors) face and have accordingly channelized our resources to give you the best-possible service.

The finishing touch: Proofreading

No copy can ever be called completely edited unless it has been thoroughly proofread.

How do we proofread?

The language experts at INCI Tech painstakingly scrutinize your manuscripts for subtle and glaring errors, to save your day and your work. Our team fine-tunes your documents to eliminate errors and glitches that hamper reading and understanding. We ensure perfection in format, style, basic grammar, consistency and punctuation. It is ensured that no philandering error is ignored. With diligent patience and a habit of scrutinizing a document from all aspects of English grammar, we screen your work for appropriateness for the target readers and present you with suggestions and recommendations, wherever applicable. With expert editors from across diverse subject fields, you only get the best from us.

Our editorial checklist:

  • Correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation errors, incorrect parallelisms, tense and conjugations
  • Eliminating improper word and phrases
  • Re-sizing documents as per specified word limit
  • Adhering to scientific nomenclature and conventions in a scientific document
  • Paraphrasing ambiguous contents and bringing the same to the author’s attention
  • Proofreading for grammatical errors; typographical errors; incomplete and run-on sentences; structure and theme appropriateness; subject-verb disagreements; correction of punctuation; abbreviations; spelling, apostrophes, comma, capitalization and tenses; and adherence to subject conventions.

What do you get?

A highly accurate, well-reviewed, high-quality, linguistically accurate output that meets your publisher’s requirement.

Confused about what to do with all this info? Contact us to consult about your precise requirement. While we get back to you, check some of our sample edits by clicking here.

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