Email Marketing

A great strategy to gain visibility of several users at once via a smart email and online marketing process.

Email Marketing

If you are looking for an experienced email marketing company that offers beautifully designed newsletters and email campaigns to help you keep in touch with your contacts and customers, you are at the right place.

Why Email Marketing?

INCI Tech specializes in bespoke email marketing campaigns and services. We believe that Email marketing is an important marketing tool used by millions of businesses across the globe. You may ask, why? Well, because it is a versatile and lucrative advertising medium that is very economical compared to the other mainstream marketing media. Also, it is easy to produce and can be handcrafted by a skilled professional who can develop great emails. The fact that consumers voluntarily receive email they have subscribed to, email marketing targets the audience very specifically, which means that the customers are already prepared or interested.


We target the end-users at the personal level via email marketing schemes to engage their attention completely. Eye-grabbing content set in a compelling design and optimized for the specific type of clientele ensures much more business than usual. We enable this and more by channelling our cumulative experience in addressing clients directly for promoting their businesses and the corresponding sale.

The Best Bargain

Our style of email and online marketing constantly evolves to keep up with the current trend. We firmly upgrade our strategies at regular intervals to be in the direct line of communication with numerous clients based on our perception of their response. Feedback sessions are conducted to optimise persuasive marketing outcomes. Rest assured, for we only offer the best at all times.

Instant Results

Unlike for other campaigns, email campaigns can see results within minutes of an effective email being sent. When you email a time-sensitive offer, such as a flash sale or a midnight offer, you invigorate business. If a deal is good enough, consumers end up purchasing goods they don’t even want. These kinds of sales campaigns are ideal for emails because of the immediacy with which a business can contact their subscribers.

Managing Relationships

Our integrated management system creates effective online marketing campaigns. We optimize these processes to build trusting relationships with our global customers. We then work hard and personalise solutions based on client information or automate the available systems to gauge customer requirements. We have means to obtain data needed for smart and impactful email communication. Throughout, we keep you in the loop and happy.