ESL Author Special Services

(Translation + Editing + Proofreading + Formatting + Cover letter assistance)

ESL Author Special Services

English is the language of global communication. Publishing a manuscript in English helps the author reach the global community, which gives them credibility and standing on the international platform. All across the world, authors, researchers, and institutions are involved in ground-breaking research and development, which they publish in their native languages. This often limits their audience reach.

ESL (English-as-a-second language) authors and researchers who wish to share their work with the world often find it difficult to publish their papers in English because of the obvious language issues. To add to this, the majority of high-impact, peer-reviewed, and reputable publishers and journals are published in English. This is where we step in. INCI Tech presents to its ESL writers a one-stop solution that caters to translating the original work in English, editing it for all grammar aspects, proofreading the same, and then formatting it to make it publication ready as per the target journal guidelines. Learn more of our ESL Author Special Service Package:

Step 1: Translation

INCI Tech customizes content translation by addressing the language presentation and the distinct regional variances in the semantics, dialect and usage of slangs within a particular cultural domain. We make your content accurately relevant from the perspective of your customers. Our translation experts have multilingual proficiency and heightened sensitivity to the subtle nuances of English, French, German, Arabic, and Urdu languages.

Step 2: Editing

We check your paper from all aspects of English Grammar to make it perfect to read and understand. The resultant paper is concise, precise, correct, and comprehensive.

Step 3: Proofreading

In this step, we ensure perfection in format, style, basic grammar, consistency and punctuation.We are trained to catch any philandering error with diligent patience and a habit of scrutinizing a document from all aspects of English grammar. In this service, we offer to screen your work for appropriateness for the target readers and present you with suggestions and recommendations, wherever applicable. With expert editors from across diverse subject fields, you only get the best from us.

Step 4: Formatting

We ensure that your documents follows the recommended style (by the publisher) to ensure a uniform format across all volumes and issues. These requirements are specific to the formatting of texts, illustrations (figures, pictures, tables, pictures, graphs, etc.),references,placement of sectionsand order of headings, among others. This is often the final step before publishing or the first when using a template.

Step 4: Cover Letter Assistance

Your manuscript may be an impressive accomplishment, but you need a query-cum-sales pitch letter along with it. The cover letter should impress and convince the editor by focusing on readers’ benefit and by implying significance in terms of quality of contribution. We know the tone, approach and logic that tick a cover letter, taking you miles ahead. Exploit our expertise for success.

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