Facebook Advertising

Isn’t is hard to not click on the ads displayed along the Facebook page margin? It sure is.

Facebook Advertising

This is why you need Facebook marketing. It works.

With more and more people socializing, shopping, chatting, and working on the internet, the virtual world is more interactive then ever thought possible. Which also means that more than 700 million+ websites on the web makes it difficult for you to benoticed, let alone do business at.

INCI Tech has handled several Facebook advertising projects that have managed to earn great businesses. It is simple. Get there and be visible. Facebook continues to grow both locally and globally, which makes it a very viable and massive audience worth targeting.

Facebook is the world’s most recognizable and used website with over 1 billion users, most of them are the youth. When we tap into Facebook, we become a part of these user’s everyday vision. Moreover, all of it can be done on a very economical budget with the Marketplace Cost-Per-Click (CPC) advertisements. These ads allow brands to connect with a huge audience using ads that have been customized to fit their exposure requirements.

What does Facebook Advert do for you?

Personal engagement

With the creation of your brand’s fan page, your consumers get personalized interactions. You get to engage with them directly and answer their specific queries too. Customer love individual attention.

Get detailed feedback

Your fans would also include people with opinions, both good and bad. The feedbacks you receive on your products or services can be valuable in strengthening your brand value by working on the weak points. With your Facebook page, you not only encourage feedback and suggestions, you are also earning user’s trust who want to share their experience and want to be listened. Your response to these feedbacks can help cultivate brand loyalty.

Get more specific

FB adverts’ marketing strategies are more effective when they’re specific. You can shortlist your users by filtering the target age group, community, or region to personalise the way you interact with the users and refine your brand. The shorter the customer list, the easier it is to market your brand–lesser generalization and more specificity.

Reach one, reach all through FB adverts

With the creation of the local online communities, the spread of your brand name and reputation through word-of-mouth becomes more effective. Facebook allows sharing of information among several agents. Your users can relay their brand experiences, compare service, suggest innovations, and give feedbackand share it all with their friends and others on the World Wide Web to spread the words.

Social recommendations and more

Facebook ads are designed with a social context, which means that people can “like” and “share” your endorsement with their friend on your ads posted within Facebook. This is half of your work done without much intervention.

The ‘social by design’ framework of Facebook makes it an ideal business’ marketing tool for easy and fruitful networking and branding. All you need are some likes, shares, and connects. And we can make it happen for you.