Journal Submission Package

(Editing + Proofreading + Formatting + Cover letter assistance)

Journal Submission Package

It may seem very unfair that breaking your neck the year round to work on your research was not sufficient to get you successfully published. Indeed, journal submission can be a nightmare, what with the numerous do’s and don’ts and fine prints that are exhaustive to say the least. Often, authors face a nervous breakdown due to multiple revisions required and the reviewer’s note on “please follow the instructions” carefully. Well, we have to agree. It can be daunting. But, fret now! INCI Tech has (over several years) championed the art of journal submission. We take your draft like paper and transform it into a publication-ready paper. Just for researchers like you, INCI Tech came up with a brilliant idea of a one-stop solution to your paper journal submission.

Read what the journal submission package contains:


We edit your paper from all aspects of English Grammar to make it perfect to read and understand. The resultant paper is concise, precise, correct, and comprehensive. We ensure that instructions like “use passive voice” or “don’t use the present participles in the observations” by the journal are all followed to the T.  Know more about our Editing services here.Download our edited samples.


After we have edited your paper, we look at it with a painstaking scrutiny to check for subtle and glaring errors. We then fine-tune your documents to eliminate errors and glitches that hamper reading and understanding. We ensure perfection in format, style, basic grammar, consistency, and punctuation.Download our edited samples.


Most publishers or journals have a house style or follow a specific style manual to ensure a uniform format across all volumes and issues. These requirements are specific to the formatting of texts, illustrations (figures, pictures, tables, pictures, graphs, etc.), references, placement of sections and order of headings, among others. This is often the final step before publishing or the first when using a template.


Your manuscript may be an impressive accomplishment, but you need a query-cum-sales pitch letter along with it. The cover letter should impress and convince the editor by focusing on readers’ benefit and by implying significance in terms of quality of contribution. We know the tone, approach and logic that tick a cover letter, taking you miles ahead. Exploit our expertise for success.

Journal Submission Service Checklist:

The complete checklist for the combined services of JSS is exhaustive. Here is a glimpse of the checklist in a nutshell:

Step 1: Prepping up

  • Understanding the target journal’s language quality and purpose of communication.
  • Comprehending the instructions on the preparation of the manuscript
  • Understanding the instructions by the journal for the author.
  • Checking the relevance of your paper for subject and genre to understand the scope of publication acceptance.

Steps 2&3:Editing and Proofreading

Editing and then proofreading the paper for English in line with the journal’s guidelines for grammar, spelling, style, voice tone, sentence structure, punctuation, usage of abbreviations, use of serial comma, capitalization, tenses, etc. The resultant copy is optimised for English and perfected for its flow and syntax.

Step 4:Formatting

  • Following the designated layout and formatting style
  • Arranging paragraphs, sections, lines, spacing, texts, figures and tables, etc. within the specified limits
  • Using ready templates and customizing the same
  • Formatting the full manuscript in accordance with the publisher’s author guidelines
  • Notifying authors of the missing elements or components
  • Suggesting preferential changes as specified by the journal
  • Ensuring that the manuscript is print-ready

Step 5: Cover Letter Assistance

  • Understanding the content purpose and goals
  • Reviewing and revising your brief on a micro-level
  • Adding or deleting text for conciseness, preciseness, clarity and comprehensibility
  • Ensuing smooth flow of information for better understanding
  • Maintaining appropriate formatting
  • Providing useful comments and suggestions, wherever applicable
  • Notifying about missing disclaimers, disclosures, acknowledgments, consent report, etc., as specified by the publisher
  • Ensuring cross-compatibility with the corresponding manuscript

Download to read the details of each service of the Journal Submission Service Package


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