Mobile Websites

Expand business by going Mobile

Mobile Websites

With the advent of smartphone processors, mobile communication system has developed rapidly and is also being widely adopted by people. Mobile represents the power of access to meaningful information at will and instantly. This is why even your brand should be easy accessible on the mobile, to become an everyday part of people’ communication.

INCI Tech knows what works in the mobile market. We understand your target customers and device methods to reach them in their mobile phones and other devices. We also know that people no longer use their phones just to make calls; this small device can carry their entire world. Once can shop, pay bills, book tickets, seek information, view videos, and do so much more on the mobile. Which is why, INCI Tech develops enriched mobile applications that offers richer and faster user experience, including activities such as going online, shopping, managing social networks, reading books, checking email, playing games, listening to music, location-based services, etc.

We specialize in the following mobile solutions:

We develop the popular choices of mobile websites in html for quickly getting your business ahead.

We design and develop mobile websites, such that they are responsive on most electronic devices. This means that your responsive mobile website would reformat itself automatically for different screen sizes, depending on whether you are viewing the website on a desktop, laptop, tablets, or a mobile phone.

We experience the mobile applications of your choice and desire for native devices, be it Android, iPhone, or others.

We can use customer location to increase your sales by getting those near you even nearer.

We also develop applications that allow users to interact with your brand by seeing your products, locations, and service within an augmented realty setting that allows them to visually interact with your selected environment.

We can get you important and profitable data from your customers using an integrated solution from mobile to your CRM tools or secure databases for application in future marketing.

We offer all forms of app marketing that includes banner, page ads, or tagged ads across all mobile platforms, be it iPhone/iPad, Google Android, BlackBerry, and Nokia Symbian.

Be smart. Get your brands closer to your audiences’ heart by getting in their pockets—through Mobile! Contact INCI Tech.