Proof Reading

Convey what you want to, accurately. Proofread!

Proof Reading

Something does not look perfect, but you can’t pin it? Let us do it. We are language experts who would painstakingly scrutinize your manuscripts for subtle and glaring errors, to save your day and your work. Our team fine-tunes your documents to eliminate errors and glitches that hamper reading and understanding. We ensure perfection in format, style, basic grammar, consistency and punctuation.

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We are trained to catch any philandering error with diligent patience and a habit of scrutinizing a document from all aspects of English grammar. In this service, we offer to screen your work for appropriateness for the target readers and present you with suggestions and recommendations, wherever applicable. With expert editors from across diverse subject fields, you only get the best from us.

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Proofreading is an extensive service. We therefore use a checklist to ensure that we don’t miss out on anything. We check for grammatical errors; typographical errors; incomplete and run-on sentences; structure and theme appropriateness; subject-verb disagreements; correction of punctuation; abbreviations; spelling, apostrophes, comma, capitalization and tenses; and adherence to subject conventions.