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why localize

About 74% MNCs obtain increased revenues from their global operations and 56.2% users want information in their own language. We understand the importance of reaching the locals through their native language. INCI Tech offers content localization in languages broadly covering the reigning market kings to make your presence grow internationally. Translating content has indeed become imperative for running successful businesses today.

go global

INCI Tech customizes content translation by addressing the language presentation and the distinct regional variances in the semantics, dialect and usage of slangs within a particular cultural domain. We make your content accurately relevant from the perspective of your customers. Our translation experts have multilingual proficiency and heightened sensitivity to the subtle nuances of English, French, German, Arabic and Urdu languages.

in a nut-shell

Understanding the end-customers Understanding the purpose of communication Performing high-quality translation with methods adapted for international markets Using active voice to communicate directly to the users with the understanding of the diversity in the history, culture and propriety across the world Checking the relevance of the graphics and designs of the content portal to maintain international standards.