WordPress Development

The answer to a quick, easy, and affordable CMS website is, simply, WordPress.

WordPress Development

What is the craze for WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open-source web CMS that is based on MySQL and PHP. WordPress has gradually evolved into one of the most widely used open-source content management systems available.

Know why WordPress works where others don’t.

Super easy

You don’t need to be a PHP or HTML expert to work with WordPress, which is the case for other platforms such as Joomla, Typo3, or Drupal. WordPress comes with pre-installed plug-ins and templates feature. All it needs is a simple installation step to get working.

Simple interface

With an exceptionally simple interface, you can operate WordPress with no issue or hassle.

Rapid deployments

You had a mood swing and now want a different colour/design/feature for your website? It can’t get simpler with WordPress. Making changes in this web CMS is immediate and quick.

Solid text editor

With WordPress, you can upload content using a complete text editor, which is similar to the Microsoft Word. So, go ahead and edit/write to your heart’s desire.

Extremely customizable

WordPress web CMS websites are highly customizable. You can fine-tune every element of the website as per your need and desire. Do anything with just a few clicks.

Plenty of templates

You have unlimited options available to choose graphic templates for designing your website homepage. This means that the total control of your website’s look lies with your imaginative and creative power.

Non-standard fields

When it comes to organizing the data on the website or adding forms, you can add fields or apply plug-ins very easily with this CMS platform. So, make subpages, add fields in the forms, categorize content, add descriptions, or make labels anytime with WordPress.

Menu management

WordPress allows for easy menu management with extended functionalities that can be modified to include categories and pages.

 What does INCI Tech offer?

Language expertise

Although there are numerous templates available on the WordPress dashboard to get your homepage, making a unique web page with custom graphic modifications, you would need to know CSS and HTML. Moreover, if you wish to make modifications in the design or perform specialised operations such as removing data fields, knowledge of PHP would be required. This is where we step in. INCI Tech has a super efficient team of experts who can work on these issues to give you what you want.

Adding plug-in and improving efficiency

WordPress needs a lot of plug-in, which negatively influences the script’s efficiency. Also, there is a lot of plug-ins and you cannot be sure of which one to select for a particular function, especially when all these plug-ins have their clones too. The INCI WordPress developers deeply understand the functionality of each and every plug-in and can custom-install these for you. This not only saves time and hassles, but also ensures that you have the right elements on your website.

PHP security

The PHP script as well as any other that goes into a CMS website integrated with a payment gateway faces the threat of security breach. It is a sensitive issue that can only be handled by professionals with the appropriate know-how.

SQL queries

All sorts of queries are complex as additional syntax is required for supplementing non-standard fields in the WordPress web CMS solution.

Scalability factor

If you are a small- or medium-sized business with a small tech budget, we can re-size the whole structure to fit into your budget and requirement. Customization with scalability at the optimal level is sure to make it work for you.