Akhilesh Yadav Book

Creation of stunning book cover designs


Client Background: “Tipu Ka Afsana”: Himmat-E-Marda: Akhilesh, authored by Frank Huzur, is a hardcover compilation of cartoons on Mr. Yadav. “Irade aur Faisle” by Rajkalam Publications has been authored by Ashok Kumar Sharma.

Our Challenge: Team Akhilesh said that the books reflected the true Samajwadi ideology where one is willing to take criticism with praise and accept adversity. We had to create a book cover that translated this perception through art to the readers.

Execution: Once the message was clear, it was up to us to reinforce our creativity to get together the book cover designs in harmony with the book contents and the ideology of the political part and the leader on which the book is based. The design we created was fresh, clear, abstract, and a story in itself.

  • Categories : Corporate Branding

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