What should you know about branding?

In the fast-paced, constantly evolving web world, your brand value is determined by everything you do, say, show, and think. With the advent of social media channels, the need to carefully strategize how your brand should be presented is stronger than ever. Let’s check out some branding basics for social media:

Tip #1: Know your brand well

Research has shown that a good branding strategy depends on your product. What is your product? Is it an anti-ageing cream for women in their 40s or is it manpower hiring service for skilled labors? Either way, knowing what exactly you want to sell will influence the type of content to be developed and the communication approach with your audiences.

In the next step, you need to determine what is your brand’s persona like. Can you assign a personality to your brand? Is it vibrant, youthful, and outspoken or is it soft, sensible, and careful? The persona would determine the type of language and tone of your web content as well as design aspects, including the design of your brand logo.

Tip #2: Determine your brand’s look and feel

You need to find your brand’s voice. A brand’s voice reflects the tone, language, and goals of the brand. Your brand tone should be clear. You need to pre-determine whether your brand is going to be witty or serious in the way it is projected online and during business communication. Also, the type of language your brand uses online should be set. If it going to be young and carefree, you may use slangs. If the brand is niche, you may need to use industry-specific language. Finally, you should be clear about the purpose of the brand. Is your brand aiming at educating, servicing, or entertaining.?

Tip #3: Consistency is the key

Building a brand image takes time. Nike took 15 years to build its reputation as a brand. During those 15 years, they made sure that their brand focused on maintaining a ‘360 degree delivery’ consistently across everything, from products to advertising to customer service to packaging.

Consistency is the core of branding. Your brand should be the same across all social media channels, your blog page, other websites, advertisements, and everywhere else you intend to communicate. You need to be consistent in the use of graphics, font, color, style, language, tone, and other habits. Whatever you do, do it consistently so that your followers can predict your next step, which makes them come closer to you.

Once you have determined your brand’s personality, put it together on the social media as per the web world guide. Once you are set with this, consider your brand as established. You may now use this brand scheme for all your marketing and communication purposes.

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